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View, Edit, Delete, and Merge all of my list values

I would like the ability to see all of my list values and have the ability to edit, merge, and delete anything that is either a duplicate, no longer used, or needs to be updated. List values such as: Vendor Payment Types Categories Projects Client...
Guest almost 3 years ago in Not Listed 48 Planned
243 VOTE

Ability to copy item to an additional folder

Sometimes items that are scanned in need to go into more than one folder. But, that is not an option. So then you either have to go through the import process for any additional folders needed or re-scan the item for each additional folder in the ...
Guest almost 3 years ago in  18 Planned

neat scan

After scanning 10 pages, all are upside down, when I choose all, why is the rotate not available, it is a pain to rotate each page, so much nicer if rotate all, this is not a hard add on to the software, please add this
Dieter Hinkelmann 6 days ago in Features 0

Change default search

Can you allow us the abiltiy to set what want our default search to be? I search for files more than transactions, but everytime have to change it first.
Guest 6 days ago in Features 0
166 VOTE

Bulk Exporting - PDF

The ability to export more than 1 PDF file at a time. Case: 343364
Nicole Potalivo almost 3 years ago in  13

Editing Drop Down Menus

I have asked SEVERAL times to be able to clean up the drop down menus - if I make an error in a field (like vendor) there is no way I can delete that error
Guest over 1 year ago in Not Listed 3
122 VOTE

Be able to delete parts of upload documents that is not needed while being able to keep the other portion"s

No description provided
Guest almost 3 years ago in  0

Would like to be able to do local backup with multiple files. Presently can only backup 1 PDF

local backup of multiple files, instead of one at a time
Edward Evans 2 months ago in General Usage 0
106 VOTE

Add ability to identify duplicate receipts, docs, etc.

As a user, I want the ability to run and export a report that enables me to find potential duplicate records based on criteria I specify so that I can ensure my records are unique. Acceptance Criteria: Report should contain a column listing t...
Miguel Rivera almost 3 years ago in Not Listed 1 Planned
111 VOTE

Merge Vendor Names and Category Names

Sometimes receipts scan in as "Sams Club" and some as "Sam's Club."There should be a feature that allows you to edit the vendor list with the ability to merge names together. You can change a vendor name currently but you can't change "Sam's Club"...
Guest about 3 years ago in General Usage 3 Planned